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Name:Stanislav Nenchev
From:, Bulgaria
Message:I feel kinda stupid that i wasnt able to get more information for Grey Daze until today... And now, so many years after Bobby died, i wanted to write this... Rest in Peace, man... What you did with Grey Daze will be always remembered... I really hope youre in a much better place now... See you in the clouds someday for a beer...
Name:Jodi Wendt
From:Kimballton, IA USA
Message:I played in Grey Daze and Waterface with Bobby. If it wasn't for Bobby convincing Sean to let me audition, I never would have gotten that gig. As intimidating as he looked, tattoos and all, he was a teddy bear. We had many good times that I will always remember and cherish. He always brightened the room with his youthful cheer. He was a good soul and will be missed.
From:Eastlake, Ohio Lake
Message:I went to school with Bobby. He was a great person!!! He will be deeply missed and never forgotten.
Name:Rosemarie Eperjese
From:Boardman, Ohio USA
Message:Dear Sandy and Bob,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.  Praying for God's comfort and blessings.
Rosemarie (US Steel)   
Name:Chris & John Haluska
From:Youngstown, OH Mahoning
Message:Dear Bob and Sandy:
We were so sorry to hear about Bobby.  Know that he is at peace and our prayer for the two of you is to find peace also.  We are sorry we will not be able to attend the services because of prior family committments.  Please know that you are in our thoughts and in our prayers.  THe first time I held him when he was baptized he looked like an angel.  I know that he is now truly an angel and will be with you forever.  God Bless.
John and Chris
Name:Vicki Hominsky
From:Seville, Ohio USA
Message:Dear Bob and Sandy:
I am so sorry for the loss of Bobby.  He will always hold a special place in my heart. My memories of him and the time we spent together will never be forgotten.  
Name:Renee Kenneally
From:Youngstown, Ohio United States
Message:Bobby, Kelly and I used to spend weeks at a time together in the summers growing up.  The memories of our times together will never be forgotten.


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