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Name:Denzil Lee Thompson
From:Columbus, Kansas Cherokee
Name:David Hughes
From:Richland, WA
Message:My condolences go out to Mrs. Lesterís( as I new her) family and friends.
I was in her six-grade class in 1965-66.
She had a very good and long lasting effect on me, Her teaching had a lasting effect on me and I am sure many others. As I remember her she was stern and regimented under her guidance we began each day with the Lord's Prayer as well as the Pledge of Allegiance.  We took pride in this together. I remember Mrs.
Lester talking about her husband that was killed in world war two. As I remember he was in a submarine that was sinking, he got out but went back in the submerged boat to help get other people out.
He received the Medal of Honor from the event. Mrs. Lester brought the medal in and showed it to our class.
She was a very great and honorable person I will miss her.

Name:Lee Bush
From:West Richland, WA
Message:Sunday (4-30-06)
While looking for a fellow classmate that had just died, I saw this memorial and just read that Mrs. (Lester)Thompson had died in January.  Since I don't take the Tri-City Herald, this is the first I had learned of her death.

Mrs. Lester, as I knew her, was my 6th grade teacher at Lewis & Clark for school year 1961 through 1962.  She was one of my most memorable teachers and whenever I ran in to her around town, we would talk and catch up on what had been going on.  What I remember most about her is her smile, happy eyes, happy face coupled with her extreme friendliness (if I spelled this word wrong, excuse my spelling Mrs. Lester) and sincerity.

Lee Bush 61-62 & CHS (RHS) 68
Name:Gary Eubanks
From:Kennewick, WA
Message:I am vey late in doing this and am embarrassed I didn't do it right away. I had Mary as a teacher in the 3rd and the sixth grade.  She was a close friend with my mom, Alice. So I imagine that my mom made sure I was in her room both years. She was a great and positive influence on me.  She probably had almost as much influence on me as my mom did. She was a great lady and will never be duplicated
Name:Pete Beaulieu
Message:My claim to fame is that I was in Mary's third grade class (1952-3) and again in her sixth grade class (1955-6).  She was an enthusiastic lady.  I remember in 1955 listening to the radio in class the whole week the Dodgers beat the Yankees in the World Series.  She taught us how to bat.  That was also the year Mary spent six weeks on crutches after demonstrating the proper way to high jump (over a pole of bamboo).
I also remember Mary as a truly great lady.  In sixth grade under her guidance we began each day with the Lord's Prayer as well as the Pledge of Allegiance.  We took pride in this stance together, although silence from prayer was acceptable from those so inclined (none).  Mary's very determined remark was that her husband had been killed in the campaign against "the Nazis" (as I remember it from her account to the third grade, he pushed four friends out through a porthole before time ran out and he went down with the ship).  Of prayer in school, she said to us "if 'they' ever come down this hall to drag me away, I want you to remember the reason why."  She was 50 years ahead of her time and I think she knew it.  
A great lady. Mary is with her husband now after so long, and surely she is still with us too as she peeks out through a sort of porthole from a better place, to wish us well and waiting now for our gathering together once again.
Name:Robert Evans
From:Richland, Washington
Message:To Mary Thompson`s family.Sorry to hear about loss of your mother, grandma, sister, and friend. I knew her from church, and she was good friends with my grandma. Hope the best for her family.

  Robby Evans
Name:Judy Willox
From:Richland, WA USA
Message:Dear Mary and Family,
I just read this and, since the funeral was today, I missed it.  That's what happens when a computer goes down--you miss everything.
I am so very sorry for the loss of your Mother and I have always remembered her with fond memories of my days in third grade in the Quanset hut she taught in that year.  Lord, that had to have been in  about 1949.  I know she will be missed sorely by  many people.  
Mary, I would love to get a memorial for her from you when I can since I missed the services.
My hearfelt prayers, thoughts and love are with you at this time.  And may God speed your healing from this deep wound you have sufferd.  God speed her journey home to Him and may she rest in peaceful slumber now.
Love to you and your Family,
Judy Willox

Name:Timothy Erickson
From:Richland, Washington US
Message:To the family of Mrs. Lester-Thompson -- I first met "Mrs. Lester" as a young 6th grade student (1971-1972) with her as my teacher.  I adored her then and to this day have fond memories of those times.  She will always remain in my memory as a wonderful teacher who challenged me to the greatest extent.  She sure knew how to manage a classroom, something of an art that is missing today!!!  I ran into her about three years back (my son delivered papers to her home), and to my amazement she not only remembered me, but remembered an "end of school year" gift I had given her (something I had long forgotten).  Given the amount of students that passed through her classrooms each year, I am certain she had an amazing impact on a lot of people's lives.  She was a marvelous lady who will be truly missed, but one of those people I'm going to look up in heaven someday!!
Name:Wynell Williams Fishburne
From:Victorville, CA USA
Message:Mary was a great lady and friend, especially to my mom, Lois Williams.  She was fun to be around and a blessing to many people.  She will certainly by missed. I pray for peace and comfort for all of the family.  
Wynell Williams Fishburne
Name:CArla Stine McLaughlin
From:Vancouver, WA USA
Message:Mary Lester was my 3rd and 6th grade teacher. She was always my favorite teacher of all the ones you remember,she was the best.  She was so compassionate and caring.  You girls were so lucky to have such a good Mom.  I know your memories are fine and wonderful of her and your life with her.  I was a single Mom to three girls for 12 years and I thought of Mary often and the stories she used to tell us about all of you.  I will pray for your courage to live on with out her physical presence and the grace to know she is  still with you.  Fondly Carla Stine

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