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Name:Harold Gregg
From:St.Petersburg, FL USA
Message:Joe: my friend! You have been my closest friend for close to 50 years and we have been through rough times and good times together. We moved our families at the same time from Philadelphia and our families spent time together. I am sorry that I cannot be there for you now. I am not able to to come and say goodbye but please remember that I will always be thinking of you. Save a place for me in that Great Beyond where we will be together again. Goodbye my Friend.
From:St Petersburg, Fl USA
Message:Just wanted to express my condolences to the family of Mr Bulik.  Has been many years since I have seen him but he was one of the nicest men that I knew.  As per the families wishes a contribution will be made in his name to the "Hospice of the Florida Suncosat"
Name:Dolores and Andy Lalino
From:St. Petersburg, FL
Message:You can judge the quality of a man by the family that surrounds him. Mr. Bulik, along with his devoted wife, raised a truly wonderful family. His spiritual values touches each one of them. They are a shining tribute to his memory. Well done, Joe. May God bless you and  keep you near Him.
Name:Marie Gregg
From:St.Petersburg, florida usa
Message:I was thinking aboutit on the way to work this morning and I remember when we use to meet our father's after work at the don and have a picnic on the beach when we were little. And how we all learned to do the twist at the Osborne's. Once a month I was part of the car pooling our father's, they would drop me off at school and then they would go to work and Mr.Bulik always had a big smile.
Name:Barbara Mc Namara
From:Miami, FL USA
Message:My Uncle Joe was a wonderful, compassionate, caring man.

He will be sadly missed.

May God Bless Him!

Name:June Gross
From:St. Pete, Fl USA
Message:Dear Kate Nancy and family,   My deepest sympathy to all of you on the loss of Joe.I am glad I was able to see him at the beach last month. That was a wonderful thing for all your family to be together with him. I know those memories will be cherished by all of you forever.He was a wonderful man,He was very blessed to have had such a wonderful family and life.    Your Friend,June Gross
Name:Midge Heathcote
From:Fort Meade, FL USA

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