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Name:Marilyn Strangeman and Brenda Grisamore
From:Charleston, IL USA
Message:Our deepest sympathy to Carol's family.  We always looked forward to seeing Carol at our RSVP Recognitions.  She always had a smile on her face and told some of the very best stories.  At one of her visits, she had Brenda and myself laughing so hard we could hardly eat.  We will really miss her.
Name:Suzie Rothenberg
From:Springfield, Illinois USA
Message:To the Family of Carol Earl: I worked with Carol for a very long time at the Dept on Aging, she was always smiling and so much fun to be around.  She always had a positive side and view of things.  She will be missed by alot of friends.  My sincere condolences to your family.
Name:Jan Beck
From:Antioch, IL USA
Message:To the Family of Carol Earl:
I will miss Carol. I looked forward to seeing her at the annual IDOA meetings. She will be very missed.
Jan Beck
Name:David & Janet Wavering
From:Springfield, Illinois USA
Message:With Deepest Sympathy to the Jackson Family,

Life is a journey that everyone travels, and sometimes we're lost in the depths of the night. Yet even in darkness, our hearts will be lifted, tears will be ended, hope will shine bright...
For out of the place where our grief is the deepest, up from the valley and on toward the height, through every shadow, we walk in his presence, gently and graciously led by His Light.

Carol showed hope and lifted our hearts for working families through her Union activities. May the Lord's Comforting Light shine on you as her thoughtfulness and compassion shined on others.

In soliditary, AFSCME 805
Name:Marcia (Williams) Blackburn
From:East St. Louis, IL USA
Message:To the Family of Carol Earl,
On behalf of the East St. Louis Senior High School Class of 1969, we would like to extend our sincere sympathy.  She will be missed.
Name:Jerry Lyons
From:Springfield, IL USA
Message:I've only known Carol a very short time, but she did not make me feel as if I were a stranger right from the start.  From my observances of her in the office, Carol was always open with everyone.  She always made me feel as if she was happy to see me, and that is a special quality.  We'll miss you Carol.
Name:Marian Egli
From:Eureka, IL USA
Message:As a RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) I enjoyed having Carol attend our "Volunteer Recognition Banquets."  Volunteers appreciated her words of greetings.  We as staff and Advisory Council members enjoyed her kind, fun, spirit.  I will miss her.  I send my condolences to you as a family.  While this is a difficult time for all family members, from my experience I know it is "hard" to loose a sibling.  
Name:Becky & Rick Hargett
From:Auburn, IL
Message:Dear Jackson Family,

I worked with Carol for 13 years at IDoA.  She became a friend & confidant.

Carol was a storyteller. A natural. I love “the cowboy dinner” she fixed on the new kitchen floor!

Carol was a hand holder. How many times did she hold my hand? If she was telling something funny or sharing a secret, we’d hold hands and swing them back and forth like we were 5 year olds. She held my hand and patted it when I needed comforting or calming down.

Carol was a hugger. There was the casual greeting hug; the “I’m laughing so hard” hug to hold each other up. The comforting hug. The arm around your waist, friendship hug that lasted forever.

Carol was a great cook. Oh my! She could cook! (Except for fudge.)

Carol was a friend - good times or bad. Daily contact or not. We always picked up where we left off. I am so happy I had her in my life.

Name:Jennifer Morrell
From:Springfield, IL
Message:Carol was such a wonderful and joyous spirit. I feel privileged to have known her. I extend my heartfelt condolences to her family & friends.  She will truely be missed!
Name:Carol Jones
From:Chicago, Illinois Cook
Message:Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Carol was a true friend and I enjoyed working with her. her laughter, her smart remarks and totally different outlook on live.
She will be missed.
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