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Name:Drew Kolenik
From:weston, conecticut america
Message:My grandpa...
Name:Larry & Dee Bowling
From:Boise, Idaho USA

We were so surprised to hear of Steve's untimely death.  Please accept our deepest sympathy for you loss.


Larry and Dee Bowling
Name:Cathy Hubbard
From:Apollo, PA USA
Message:After doing some personal typing for Steven when he was in school (through my sister, Becky Frayer), Steve took my resume to Intec Systems where I was hired as a secretary (first working with Alice Lane and later with Vern Speicher) until the company was sold. I have only run into Steve a couple of times since then but when I called him last year for some information for my nephew regarding implantable defibrillators Steve returned my call and followed up with a call to my nephew which I appreciated very much. Steve's family has my deepest sympathy.
Name:Bill Hawk
From:Lower Burrell, Pa. US

My condolences to you, your mom, and the rest of your family. I always thought when we were young kids; how nice your parents were. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.


Name:Regina Farray
From:Hanover, PA USA
Message:I read of your loss and want to express my deepest sympathy. During these times it is especially important to draw close to God thru prayer. It is also a time to reflect on the promises that he has given us thru his word the Bible concerning the hope of seeing our loved ones again. I hope you find comfort in reading these scriptures. John 11:11-44, John 5:21,28,29, Acts 24:15, and Revelation 21:3,4. My prayers are with your family.

Name:Charlene Hoffer
From:Vandergrift, PA USA
Message:Oh, Loretta-
How sad to read your husband's name in the obituary column today. What a shock for us and I'm sure for you. I just spoke to him the other day when he called our library, the Vandergrift Library, to renew books.

Our sympathies and prayers are with you and your family. Try to take care of yourself as you go through these days ahead. It's good that you have your son and Pooh Bear.
If you need books from the library, just call 724-568-2212 after 1pm and I will pick-up or deliver them to you.
Charlene Hoffer
Vandergrift Librarian

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