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Florence Lucille Johnson
October 12, 1906 - December 30, 2004

Birthplace:  Preston, WA
Resided In:  Issaquah WA USA
Visitation:  None 
Service:  January 05, 2005  More Info/Directions
Cemetery:  Fall City Cemetery  More Info/Directions

She was born Florence Lucille Drake, October 12th, 1906, to Alma O’Dessa (Rutherford) “Dessie” and George Alison Drake, in Preston Washington where her father was logging; just up the road from the small pioneer town of Fall City.  Soon after she was born, the family moved back to Fall City where both the Drake and Rutherford pioneer families settled in the 1880’s. In her early years, Fall City was still just a pioneer logging town, the family car consisted of a horse and buggy, and a trip to Seattle took all day and required an overnight in a hotel.

Even from an early age, Lucille was beautiful, talented, and liked by everyone who knew her.  She was an outstanding piano player and played in a band with friends at high school dances. While she was growing up, she and her family attended the Fall City United Methodist Church where this service is held. She graduated from Fall City High School in 1924 and went on to major in music at the University of Washington in Seattle.  While at the U.W., she also was a member of the Chi Omega sorority.

After college, Lucille was back living in Fall City when she met a handsome young man, Jimmy O’Hare, who drove a car between Seattle and Fall City.  She married James Gibbons O’Hare June 10, 1930, and a few years later her only child a daughter was born, Lynne Drake O’Hare.  During the depression of the 1930’s, finding steady work was tough and in 1937 Lucille, her husband and daughter Lynne moved to Westminster, MD and lived there for a few years.
A few years later Lucille and family moved back to Fall City for a time and then moved to Seattle.  Soon after that they moved to Alaska during WWII so that her husband Jim could work for her Uncle, Roy Rutherford, managing one of his floating logging camps near Craig Alaska.  The logging camp was literally a self-contained town on log floats, with bunk houses, manager’s quarters, a commissary, water tower, and machine shop; all moved around South East Alaska by tug boat.  One thing it did not have however, was a school, and Lucille was able to put her excellent English skills to work in home schooling her daughter Lynne.  Keeping with her pioneer spirit, Lucille thoroughly enjoyed the year at the camp, and after briefly moving back to the Fall City area, Lucille and her family would soon move back to Alaska.

From about 1949 to 1969 she lived in the fishing community of Petersburg, Alaska.  She moved there with her daughter and first husband who managed the theatre there. Her first husband passed away in 1954.  At that time she took a job working for the City of Petersburg in the City Clerk's office and worked there until 1969.  In 1957 she married William T. ''Johnnie'' Johnson who also lived in Petersburg and worked at the Trading Union. Lucille and Johnnie enjoyed life in Petersburg and often took their speed boat to go on picnics and also enjoyed visiting friends at the Thayer Lake Lodge on Admiralty Island. Lucille had many close friends in Petersburg and she made a trip back to visit her friends in Petersburg in 1986.  She and Johnnie traveled to the Hawaiian Islands many times in the 50's and 60's and had several close friends in Hawaii. They took their grand daughters Laurie and Heidi with them on two separate occasions when they were five years old, which was a highlight in their lives!

In 1969, Lucille and husband Johnnie retired and moved to Issaquah, Washington to live closer to her daughter Lynne, son-in-law Harold, grandchildren, Laurie, Heidi, and Erik, as well as family and relatives in the Seattle area. She enjoyed spending time with her daughter Lynne's family. Lucille spent many holidays with them, going on picnics, overnight trips in the Northwest and vacations to Long Beach Washington where the family rents a beach house each summer.

Her husband Johnnie Johnson passed away in 1981. Lucille continued to live close to her daughter's home in Issaquah for the remainder of her life which would be another 23 years!

She enjoyed keeping up with current events, often clipping out key articles and sending them to her grandchildren to make sure they were aware of important news. She was very thoughtful and helpful.  One of the best at spelling and grammar, she always proof read her grandchildren’s schoolwork.  She always said a prayer for someone to help them out. She had many friends. She was always a stylish dresser. She had a great sense of humor.  Friends and acquaintances often commented that she had a great personality, charisma and was so pretty. She seemed much younger than her age. She was proud of her family and her pioneer heritage in Fall City. She was an excellent cook and her family enjoyed her favorite recipes including home made chicken and noodles, pecan pie, scotch shortbread and deviled eggs. She was a great companion.

Her grandchildren knew her as “Mimi,” because she liked this name better than “Grandma.”  It was a loving name, which even her grandchildren’s friends knew her by.  She loved life, family, was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, always living for the present and future.

She is now buried at the Fall City Cemetery. She had a very long, full life, and was loved by many.  She will be greatly missed.

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